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Best Home Office Setup for Productivity

Take it from someone who worked from home throughout several years of law school: working from home is a great way to take control of your career. Many people are able to increase productivity by working at home because it cuts down on usual workplace distractions. In...

16 Quotes on the Power of Habit

Habits.  They are hard to break, and hard to make.  A habit is an extremely powerful force in our lives because when something is a habit, we no longer think about it – we just do it. Why Worry About Habits? Our days are made up of dozens of little habits.  From the...

About Jacob Tingen

Jacob is an immigration attorney and activist who regularly speaks in the community on immigration topics. He is also the Managing Partner of the Richmond, VA law firm, Tingen & Williams, and an owner of Utah Global Investments, an EB-5 regional center for foreign investment. Additionally, he teaches an immigrant rights course as adjunct faculty at University of Richmond law school.

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