Nation of Immigrants

For a long time I’ve been wanting to do a high quality podcast. Several years ago I started listening to a few online marketers and

Thanks a Million!

When I launched this law firm in 2012, I knew that marketing, and online marketing in particular, would be key for me to create the

The Tingen & Williams Scholarship

We’re proud to announce the first-ever winner of the Tingen & Williams Undergraduate Scholarship: Cindy Ly! We look forward to seeing next year’s submissions.

Utah Global Investments

Utah Global Investments is an EB-5 Regional Center, helping immigrant investors and job creators gain legal status in the U.S.

About Jacob Tingen

Jacob is an immigration attorney and activist who regularly speaks in the community on immigration topics. He is also the Managing Partner of the Richmond, VA law firm, Tingen Law, and an owner of Utah Global Investments, an EB-5 regional center for foreign investment. Additionally, he teaches an immigrant rights course as adjunct faculty at University of Richmond law school.