best healthy habits

8 Best Healthy Habits

Back in 2012, a CDC study found that the average American adult spends just 17 minutes on exercise every day. For reference, that’s about half of the bare minimum that health organizations recommend. While rather sad, statistics like this are not really surprising. The unfortunate fact is that most of…
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how to end bad habits

How to End Bad Habits: A 9 Step Guide

When you ask most people how to end bad habits, “willpower” is a common refrain. However, as anyone who’s tried to break a habit knows, “willpower” is almost impossible to practice. That’s because habitual behaviors are a form of compulsion, and they make up a big part of our daily…
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keystone habits

What are Keystone Habits? (5 Keystone Habits to Change Your Life)

A keystone habit is a routine practice that helps build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. They address the source of problems that affect all aspects of our lives–difficulty focusing, a lack of energy, poor memory, a negative attitude, etc. Adopting keystone habits will help you develop more positive habits…
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good habit formation

Good Habit Formation: A Step by Step Guide

Usually, we think of habits as negative things to be avoided. However, good habit formation is one of the most important parts of living a productive life. That’s because habits are subconscious. By making healthy or productive behaviors habitual, you avoid the need to put energy and effort into them.…
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best home office setup for productivity

Best Home Office Setup for Productivity

Take it from someone who worked from home throughout several years of law school: working from home is a great way to take control of your career. Many people are able to increase productivity by working at home because it cuts down on usual workplace distractions. In order to get…
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5 TED Talks About Habits

Lately on my blog I've been talking about habits: how they are formed, what they help us accomplish, and how we can use them to find more success and happiness in our lives. For today's article, I wanted to share some ideas from TED talk videos. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)…
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beat bad habits

Using Mindfulness to Beat Bad Habits and Replace Them With Good Habits

There is no shame in having bad habits. Everyone is guilty of biting their nails, impulse buying things they can't afford, or putting work off until the last minute. You probably have your own personal bad habit that has been a problem for a long time. However, the time must…
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To Bing or Not to Bing?

When it comes to search engine optimization, the conventional wisdom is that all businesses should focus on Google results. That’s true, to an extent. Google is, overwhelmingly, the world’s most popular search engine with something like 1.17 billion daily users as of 2012. However, Google is not the world’s only…
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16 Quotes on the Power of Habit

Habits.  They are hard to break, and hard to make.  A habit is an extremely powerful force in our lives because when something is a habit, we no longer think about it – we just do it. Why Worry About Habits? Our days are made up of dozens of little…
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how to become a proactive person

How to Become a Proactive Person

Learning how to become a proactive person is one of the hardest workplace skills to acquire. Unlike with productivity or time management, there’s no online tool that can help you anticipate problems before they arise. Instead, being proactive is a matter of intuition and outlook that takes time and experience…
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hire a bookkeeper

When Is It Time to Hire a Bookkeeper? (How Hiring Bench Saved Me Countless Hours at Tax Time)

As a business owner, I enjoy the creative side of what I do. I enjoy the days where I can dream and do, create and execute. What I don't have are days when I get excited about categorizing expenses. For the longest time as a business owner, I did my…
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things you need to know about whitespace

Here Are a Few Things You Need to Know About Whitespace

There are some lessons I had to learn when I was starting out as a web designer that I've kept in mind when looking into any sort of design, particularly when it comes to branding my business. If you are designing a document or website, there are some things you…
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