Feeling stuck

Feeling Stuck? Here’s How You Can Move Forward Anyway

Sometimes when you are feeling stuck in life, you feel like you can’t make any changes, like you are glued in place in your job, your circumstances, maybe just your life in general.

Having this feeling can cause you to feel restless, confused, and maybe even a little bored. You’re not alone though; many people often find themselves in a rut.

On the bright side, there are steps you can take to get unstuck, and prevent feeling that way again. First, you’ll need to learn to recognize when you are starting to feel stuck.

Recognizing the Signs of Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck

An important part of getting unstuck is realizing that you feel that way in the first place. The longer it takes you to realize you are unhappy with a situation, the more time you waste being unfulfilled.


Feeling bored is a major sign that you are stuck. If you notice that your career and interests don’t stimulate your mind, you are probably stuck.

If you find that the environment you are in isn’t moving at a fast enough pace for you, it can really take its toll on your ability to keep moving forward.

Lack of Motivation

Lack of motivation goes hand-in-hand with boredom. If you find yourself dragging your feet getting ready for work, completing tasks, or working to grow your business, you might be in a rut.

Especially if you are starting your own business or working on advancing your career in any given field, it’s crucial that you take steps to make sure you are motivated to go after every opportunity that comes your way.

Business and career opportunities come and go quickly and you have to take risks to keep yourself moving forward.


Being unable to make decisions is probably the biggest sign that you are feeling stuck. Maybe you are being offered opportunities in many different parts of your life but you aren’t sure where to go.

If this is the case, sit down and ask yourself questions like: What are my goals? Which opportunities will help me achieve my business, career, and personal goals?

Just like lack of motivation, indecisiveness can cause you to lose opportunities. A great way to avoid feeling stuck is to always be thinking about what types of opportunities will help you move forward. If you have in mind how to move forward, when the opportunities present themselves you will know which ones suit you the best.

Why Do We Feel Stuck?

Feeling stuck

Why do we end up feeling stuck?

It’s one thing to understand the signs, but it’s slightly different to understand why the feeling happens in the first place.

It’s likely that the main reason you’re feeling stuck is because you aren’t feeling challenged in your day-to-day life, and you are settling for less than your potential.

While it’s important to be consistent, if you want to grow your business, career, or another interest, you can’t settle. If you start to feel comfortable and fall into a routine, it’s probably time to start looking for more opportunities.

Of course you should consider your limitations and long term goals, but in order to grow you need to be willing to push yourself.

Getting Out of a Rut

Feeling stuck

Now that you know the signs of feeling stuck and why it might be happening to you, think about what will help you get out of a rut.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some options to consider:

Challenging Yourself

Challenge yourself to try new things, especially something you think you can’t do.

If you move outside of your comfort zone, you can better your circumstances and open yourself up to new opportunities. It’s hard to feel stuck when you’re trying something new every day.


If you feel stuck in your career, seek advice from someone higher up in your field. People who were once in your shoes can offer insights into how to continue to move forward.

If you really feel stuck in your career and don’t see room for personal growth and advancement, consider a career change. There are an infinite number of career paths and job opportunities, and at least looking into your options can help you get out of a rut.

Before you make a career change, always take into account your financial situation. Often times we feel stuck because of our finances.

Having a strong financial plan will help your confidence and enable you to take more risks and avoid feeling stuck.


Consider your interests. If there is something you are really interested in but haven’t pursued, make an effort to focus on it.

Alternatively, if your old interests are no longer motivating you, try something new. Your interests have the potential to help you take the next steps in your life.


If you are feeling stuck and don’t think you could find fulfillment by following your current path, consider going back to school.

Like a career change, going back to school will require you to do some financial planning. If going back to school is a possibility, it might help you get out of a rut.

Furthering your education opens up a lot of opportunities. The possibilities of field of study are endless. Every day, educators create new programs and career paths that are actively helping people move forward with their careers.


Feeling stuck

Feeling stuck is a frustrating experience.

Remember to continuously look for new opportunities and put yourself in a position to advance your situation. Never settle for less than your potential and look for signs that you are falling into a rut.

If you feel stuck, it’s time to starting moving forward.

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