How to Write an Article

How to Write an Article for your Blog

Whether you’re looking to promote your business or develop your personal brand, strategic content marketing can help you reach your goals. Successful content should attract a defined audience by offering them useful information in a concise, focused way.  Read on for tips on how to write an article that works for your content marketing strategy.

SEO Keywords

How to Write an Article

Before you begin writing your article, it’s a good idea to do some research regarding keywords. SEO is an important tool for content marketing, and doing your homework when choosing topics that relate to your product, service, or brand can make the difference between success and failure.

There are many online tools available for keyword research, and I like to use a mix of tools when I’m picking keywords. The two tools I use most often are the Google Keyword tool and the keyword tool at Keyword research can help you better understand your target audience and refine the content that you write.

Keep in mind that even though you want to target certain key words, the end goal is to provide a positive user experience for your end users: your website visitors. So start selecting key words based on what is most useful for your visitors, and build from there.

Start with a good headline

How to Write an Article

After you’ve chosen your topic, it’s time to jump into the actual task of writing an article.

While it may seem like a minor detail, writing a headline that attracts attention takes skill and is key in learning how to write an article that suits your needs.  Remember these important tips when crafting your title:

  • Key words – Using key words in your title allows your article to pop up in search engines. For instance, the title, “Tools for Tidying your Cook Space” would not show up in the search, “best products for cleaning an oven.”  A better title would include the words oven, clean, and best, such as “The 10 Best Products for Cleaning Your Oven.”
  • Tone – Your headline should match the tone of your article, giving a clear explanation of what the article is about. If you are using concise, conversational speech in your article, write your title in the same style.
  • Grab attention without crossing over the line – Savvy readers know “click bait” when they see it. Use clear, clever language in your title to grab the reader’s attention without resorting to empty promises.  For example, you would use “The Top Five Products to Clean Your Oven” instead of “These Amazing Cleaning Products Will Blow You Away!”

Use Visual Tools

How to Write an Article

While this post is all about how to write an article, sometimes the best content is created with visuals rather than words. Your article will be most effective when you use visual tools to attract more readers to your written content.

Eyes are drawn to pictures, and 65 percent of us process information visually.  In fact, we process visuals 60,000 faster than we process text.  You can incorporate several types of visual tools to support, but not replace, your text:

  • Pie charts
  • Graphs
  • Photographs
  • Clip art
  • Creative formatting: text boxes, unusual fonts, and captions will satisfy the readers’ need for visual information.
  • Bullet points or numbered lists will break up the information and make it easier to digest.

Create a conversational tone

How to Write an Article

Your tone has a big impact on the brand you are promoting with your content. Whether you’re representing yourself, such as with a personal brand, you may want to emphasize authenticity.

If you use humor and a lighthearted tone in your article,  the reader will stay entertained and continue reading.  But it’s also important to consider your target audience.  Jokes can fall flat, and profanity is not usually a good idea when creating content.

Above all, when considering the role that tone plays in how to write an article, be mindful of readability. The easier your content is to read, the more useful it will be to your audience, which will earn you more clicks, shares, and “likes”—boosting your SEO.

Make your article important

How to Write an Article

Your reader should understand that your article is a “must-read.”  By using research, quotes, statistics, and definitions to back up your claims, you will communicate that reading your article will make them smarter.

  • Do your research – back up assertions with statistics or a quote from an expert to add legitimacy to your content.  Link your facts with other websites to back up your statements.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a few complex words, if you can define them in the context. Even if the word isn’t familiar to the reader, they’ll figure out the meaning and then finish with a sense of having read something indispensable.

Keep it conversational

How to Write an Article

You may be using research and a few big words, but most of your article should be informal and easy-to-read.

  • Avoid using flowery language. Saying “This product is the pinnacle on the mountaintop of cleanliness” sounds nice, but doesn’t give the reader the information they want. Instead, tell them, “This product was able to cut through weeks-old bacon grease and left no odor,” which is what the reader wants to know.
  • Communicate your point effectively, using the fewest number of words possible.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Write in second person, using “you.” Seeing “you” in an article helps readers identify as the target audience and see themselves following your advice.


How to Write an Article

Content marketing can be tricky, but learning how to write an article is the first step on the way to a successful content marketing campaign. You have to balance several elements to achieve your desired effect, but once you find your rhythm and style, every article will be easier to write than the last.

When you’re stuck wondering how to write an article, remember to stick to the basics: start with an effective title to attract your target audience.  Continue by using visuals, creative formatting, and an appropriate tone in your article.

Above all, be sure to fill your article with relevant information that will attract and retain your target audience and keep them reading to the end.

What do you do to write effective blog posts?

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