Tingen & Williams is Now Tingen Law: Notice of Attorney Leaving for New Firm

Due to recent changes at our firm, Tingen & Williams is now Tingen Law.

The only constant in life is change.

And change has come to Tingen & Williams. I started my firm as a sole practice back at the tail-end of 2012. Over time I decided to bring on partners, and the firm became known as Tingen & Williams.

But today I’m announcing that as of July 16, 2021, Tingen & Williams became Tingen Law, PLLC. Ben Williams is no longer at the firm and is starting an exciting new adventure at his own practice.

This change comes with some other exciting new changes.

First, within six months the URL for our law firm’s website will change from https://tingenwilliams.com to https://tingen.law. I’m excited to be using the new industry-standard TLD, .law, for the firm domain name.

Second, we’ve already started to use .law email addresses, and so those of us at the firm that you communicate with have already adopted, or will soon adopt, the use of their new email.

Finally, we’ve hired some new staff and improved our training resources in what I believe will lead to a long-term increase of work quality that we produce.

What’s Staying the Same

Most of the attorneys at Tingen Law have remained. Trent Powell, Charles Petran, and James Williams are still here at the firm and providing services in the areas of immigration, criminal defense, intellectual property, family law, and more.

I’m excited to move forward with a team that’s committed to high quality teamwork to bring a new level of legal services delivery to our clients.

Notice of Attorney Leaving for New Firm

In compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct outlined by the Virginia State Bar we would like to provide the following official notice of Ben Williams leaving the firm.

Ben Williams and his paralegal Diana Taylor are leaving Tingen & Williams, PLLC (now known as “Tingen Law”).

Mr. Williams is opening a new law firm, “Ben Williams Law,” which is located at the following address:

Ben Williams Law

8401 Patterson Ave. Ste 104

Richmond, VA 23229

Phone: (804) 552-3200

Email: ben@bwilliams.law

As a client of Ben Williams, you have the right to choose to (1) remain with your current attorney and continue to have Ben Williams represent you, (2) choose to have another attorney at Tingen Law represent you, or (3) request your case file so you can find representation elsewhere.

Please note that any outstanding invoices for work completed prior to July 16, 2021 should be paid to Tingen Law, PLLC.

Please indicate your decision on our official notice page, hosted at tingenwilliams.com, so we can have a copy of your decision for our records.

Thank You!

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