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check trademark status

How to Check Your Trademark’s Status

Registering a trademark is a big step in expanding your business and establishing your brand. When you register a mark, don’t forget to keep track of your application status. After the United States Patent and Trademark Office approves your application, continue to check trademark status to make sure you are…
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How We Got 1,669 More People to Find Us Each Month on Google, Just by Asking Our Clients to Leave a Google Review

For a long time my law firm has put time and effort into reaching more clients through our website. We've tried a number of different tactics over the years to achieve that goal, including content marketing and a strong social media campaign. But one of our most successful strategies was…
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brand registration check

What is a Brand Registration Check? (And Why Trademark Searches Are Important)

A lot goes into building a business. From finding the right product to manufacturing and beyond, starting and maintaining a successful business is no easy task. Once you have mapped out what kind of business you want to run and how to move forward, you will want to establish a…
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best creative logo designs

The Best Creative Logo Designs From This Week’s Trademark Gazette

Every week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office publishes the Trademark Official Gazette. This magazine is a listing of all trademarks that have been submitted for registration and passed an initial review over the prior week. Thousands of trademarks are filed on a weekly basis. The Gazette is published…
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Branding Mistakes

Branding Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your brand tells the story of who you are.  It’s what the public will bring to mind when they think of your company.  Companies make branding mistakes every day just trying to get noticed, save money, and expand their brand. To avoid branding mistakes, it’s important to stay focused and…
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can a trademark be renewed

Can a Trademark be Renewed?

After your trademark gets registered, you might notice it's only valid for 5 years. At that point, it’s common to wonder: can a trademark be renewed, or not? Ultimately, getting your trademark renewed is mostly a matter of filing paperwork on time. However, the process of doing so is more…
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