multiple-monitor productivity

Should I Get a Second Monitor? How Multiple-Monitor Productivity Gives My Office a Boost

I have long been an advocate of having at least two monitors in your workspace. For my own individual office setup, I use a 27' iMac with a 27" LED Cinema Display--and I've never looked back. Having the space to actually get work done is what it's all about. In…
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project management tools

Why I Love Basecamp (And 4 Other Project Management Tools You Should Look Into)

Good project management tools are essential to running any kind of business. We live in a time, however, where companies providing them are a dime a dozen. Because the variety of apps, sites, and communication tools is only getting larger, its important to understand which services stand above the rest.…
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check trademark status

How to Check Your Trademark’s Status

Registering a trademark is a big step in expanding your business and establishing your brand. When you register a mark, don’t forget to keep track of your application status. After the United States Patent and Trademark Office approves your application, continue to check trademark status to make sure you are…
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The Marketing Strategy that Grew My Law Firm by Nearly 154% After One Year (and by More Than 500% by Year Two)

Content marketing is exactly what it sounds like--creating and then sharing information online.  It's important to provide useful content, but the end goal is to stimulate interest in a product or service. I was able to achieve amazing exponential growth in my company by using content marketing.  After one year…
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best free wordpress page builder plugins

4 of the Best Free WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Whether you're building a site for your side hustle or your small business, having a well organized and aesthetically pleasing web page can be the key to creating a positive customer experience. A neat and easy to navigate webpage also conveys a professionalism on the part of whatever your website represents.…
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how to get away from social media

Why I Don’t Answer the Phone Between 5 and 7pm: How to Get Away from Social Media for Part of Each Day

Do you find yourself constantly glued to screens? Are you wondering how to get away from social media? You’re not alone. With all the technology available to us, we are constantly being bombarded with news, updates, Tweets, phone calls, and texts. Particularly if your job requires that you be "plugged…
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creating a home office space

Creating a Home Office Space: 6 Tips for Maximizing Your New Lifestyle

When you work from home, it can be difficult to separate work life and home life. Although you now have more flexibility over your schedule, it can be more difficult to be flexible with your space. The only way to do that is to start thinking about creating a home…
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How We Got 1,669 More People to Find Us Each Month on Google, Just by Asking Our Clients to Leave a Google Review

For a long time my law firm has put time and effort into reaching more clients through our website. We've tried a number of different tactics over the years to achieve that goal, including content marketing and a strong social media campaign. But one of our most successful strategies was…
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the anatomy of a high-converting landing page

The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page: The 7 Elements You Must Have

When it comes to web design, few elements of your site are as important as your landing page. The landing page is a single webpage where you send potential customers in the hopes that they'll commit to your product or service. This doesn't necessarily mean having them put money down right…
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How An Abundant Mindset Helped Captain Kirk Beat the Kobayashi Maru (And How It Will Help You Find Business Success)

If you're a Trekkie, you probably already know about how Captain James T. Kirk famously beat the Kobayashi Maru--a training exercise designed to test Starfleet officers in no-win scenarios. But for the uninitiated, how did Captain Kirk win an unwinnable test? Well, for starters you may want to look at his…
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adwords landing page best practices

15 AdWords Landing Page Best Practices

If you own a website or online business, you've probably considered using Google AdWords. As the premier ad service of the most popular search engine in the world, there is simply no better way to reach new customers and generate interest online. Using a Google Adwords campaign can be expensive,…
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brand registration check

What is a Brand Registration Check? (And Why Trademark Searches Are Important)

A lot goes into building a business. From finding the right product to manufacturing and beyond, starting and maintaining a successful business is no easy task. Once you have mapped out what kind of business you want to run and how to move forward, you will want to establish a…
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