My Generic Breakfast

Lately on my blog I've been sharing some thoughts about basic trademark principles. I haven't yet blogged about levels of distinctiveness in trademarks yet, but let this post serve as an introduction to you if you don't yet know much about how to choose a legally strong mark. The Bacon,…
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About Me

When I graduated from law school in 2012 and couldn’t find the job I was hoping for, I decided to take matters into my own hands. That’s the short version of how I found myself operating both a successful web design company and a growing legal practice. Even though I actively…
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Day 5: Attracting an Audience

We're finally here. Day 5. We've covered a lot in the last 4 days, but hopefully by now everything is setup. You've got a basic plan, an awesome business name, an official formally registered business, and a whizz-bang website. Now it's time to put everything we've been setting up into action.…
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Day 4: Creating an Online Presence

It's official. You've started a business. Now how are people going to find you? The world is full of talented people--you're one of them. Unfortunately, most of these talented people have no idea how to let others know they're talented, or that they've created a great product, or that they…
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Day 3: Choosing a Legal Structure

You've created a business plan and you've picked a name. Now it's time to get real. While it's not required to register your business with your state's corporation entity, if you want to limit your liability it's probably a good idea. Today's post works on the assumption that you do…
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Day 2: Choosing Your Business Name

Choosing your business name can be one of the most important steps you take as you get started. But choosing a name can sometimes be difficult. And of course, you need to do it right. I'm sure you're thinking that there isn't a right way to choose a name, but…
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Day 1: One-Page Business Plan

Any business endeavor should begin with a plan. Most likely you probably already have a plan, or at the very least, the outline for a plan. Business plans can be very complicated, or extremely simple. For some businesses, a detailed business plan, complete with financial information and multiple spreadsheets, is…
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After graduating from law school and passing the bar, I struggled to find work, pay my bills, and make ends meet. That's when I decided to take control of my future and start working for myself. Now, several years and a handful of companies later, I'm sharing how I launched a successful business, and how you can do it too.


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