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how to become a proactive person

How to Become a Proactive Person

Learning how to become a proactive person is one of the hardest workplace skills to acquire. Unlike with productivity or time management, there’s no online tool that can help you anticipate problems before they arise. Instead, being proactive is a matter of intuition and outlook that takes time and experience…
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hire a bookkeeper

When Is It Time to Hire a Bookkeeper? (How Hiring Bench Saved Me Countless Hours at Tax Time)

As a business owner, I enjoy the creative side of what I do. I enjoy the days where I can dream and do, create and execute. What I don't have are days when I get excited about categorizing expenses. For the longest time as a business owner, I did my…
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The Marketing Strategy that Grew My Law Firm by Nearly 154% After One Year (and by More Than 500% by Year Two)

Content marketing is exactly what it sounds like--creating and then sharing information online.  It's important to provide useful content, but the end goal is to stimulate interest in a product or service. I was able to achieve amazing exponential growth in my company by using content marketing.  After one year…
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How We Got 1,669 More People to Find Us Each Month on Google, Just by Asking Our Clients to Leave a Google Review

For a long time my law firm has put time and effort into reaching more clients through our website. We've tried a number of different tactics over the years to achieve that goal, including content marketing and a strong social media campaign. But one of our most successful strategies was…
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How An Abundant Mindset Helped Captain Kirk Beat the Kobayashi Maru (And How It Will Help You Find Business Success)

If you're a Trekkie, you probably already know about how Captain James T. Kirk famously beat the Kobayashi Maru--a training exercise designed to test Starfleet officers in no-win scenarios. But for the uninitiated, how did Captain Kirk win an unwinnable test? Well, for starters you may want to look at his…
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at-home startup business ideas

12 At-Home Startup Business Ideas

Whether you are looking to find an extra stream of income or want to begin to grow a business, working from home is a great opportunity. The flexibility that comes with working from home can be perfect for you if you're raising a family or getting a degree. If you don't…
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After graduating from law school and passing the bar, I struggled to find work, pay my bills, and make ends meet. That's when I decided to take control of my future and start working for myself. Now, several years and a handful of companies later, I'm sharing how I launched a successful business, and how you can do it too.