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best healthy habits

8 Best Healthy Habits

Back in 2012, a CDC study found that the average American adult spends just 17 minutes on exercise every day. For reference, that’s about half of the bare minimum that health organizations recommend. While rather sad, statistics like this are not really surprising. The unfortunate fact is that most of…
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how to end bad habits

How to End Bad Habits: A 9 Step Guide

When you ask most people how to end bad habits, “willpower” is a common refrain. However, as anyone who’s tried to break a habit knows, “willpower” is almost impossible to practice. That’s because habitual behaviors are a form of compulsion, and they make up a big part of our daily…
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good habit formation

Good Habit Formation: A Step by Step Guide

Usually, we think of habits as negative things to be avoided. However, good habit formation is one of the most important parts of living a productive life. That’s because habits are subconscious. By making healthy or productive behaviors habitual, you avoid the need to put energy and effort into them.…
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