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brand registration check

What is a Brand Registration Check? (And Why Trademark Searches Are Important)

A lot goes into building a business. From finding the right product to manufacturing and beyond, starting and maintaining a successful business is no easy task. Once you have mapped out what kind of business you want to run and how to move forward, you will want to establish a…
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can a trademark be renewed

Can a Trademark be Renewed?

After your trademark gets registered, you might notice it's only valid for 5 years. At that point, it’s common to wonder: can a trademark be renewed, or not? Ultimately, getting your trademark renewed is mostly a matter of filing paperwork on time. However, the process of doing so is more…
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Renew your trademark

When You Need to Renew Your Trademark (And How to Keep Yours Current)

It takes a lot of work, time, and money to register a trademark. After you've successfully completed this process, it's good to keep in mind when you need to renew your trademark. It's important to pay attention to renewal deadlines because if you fail to file these documents, you will…
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How much does a trademark lawyer cost?

How Much Does a Trademark Lawyer Cost?

Planning to apply for a federal trademark for your business?  Most companies will hire a trademark lawyer.  But how much does a trademark lawyer cost?  Is a trademark lawyer worth the expense? Trademark lawyers often charge a flat rate for the basic trademark application services.  This could cover preparing the…
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Common Law Trademark Rights

Common Law Trademark Rights

What are your common law trademark rights? If you are thinking about starting a business, it’s crucial that you protect yourself and your product. Equally as important, you need to make sure you aren’t violating anyone else’s trademark rights. If you have a product or service and you want to…
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What is a dead trademark?

What is a Dead Trademark?

A dead trademark is a trademark whose owner failed to complete or renew it's registration with the USPTO. There are many reasons why a trademark becomes dead or abandoned. To make sure you understand how to avoid this pitfall, it's a good idea to briefly review some aspects of trademark…
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